Once upon a time there was a handsome prince and he didn't know what to do.

He had searched high and low for fine companionship. After all, he was a handsome prince and he toiled long and hard so he certainly deserved the best. How hard could it be to meet a wonderful lady?

Yet the lady he sought eluded him for a long, long time. The handsome prince sought a woman who possessed beauty both inside and out; someone he could truly enjoy being with. He didn't want to look old enough to be her father and he wanted her to know what he was talking about if he ever mentioned some of the great things that had happened in his life. A woman well traveled, articulate, and intelligent with a wicked sense of humor would suit him, he was sure. If she loved fine dining and fine living as he did, all the better.

He sought and he sought, and he got tired. Maybe he should give up. Maybe he would never meet a lovely lady who excited him and made him feel happy and refreshed, energized to embrace the challenges of his life.

And then he met Khloe Kensington...

The handsome couple went to a marvelous restaurant where they ate fine food, drank fine wine, and enjoyed their leisurely seduction with ease. After a very special night together, the handsome prince awoke in the arms of his new paramour and felt marvelous. "This could be the start of something special," he thought, and began to plan a weekend away with Khloe. In that dashing, incorrigible way that he has.





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