A wise man always invests in himself and quality relaxation and companionship are necessities. I guarantee that you will find me unusually refreshing to be with, easy to talk to, easy to relax and have lots of fun with.

My preference for dates is longish ones because they're the most fun. If the stars have aligned and we have met up it's extremely likely that we are going to adore our time together and not want it to end.

These are the dates I suggest;

Weekend - $7,000.

For the dedicated hedonist, of course. A weekend allows us to experience many nuances of pleasure and fun - not too long and not too short!  Highly recommended for it's regenerative and memory making effects.

You'd like to spend longer together? $3000 for each additional day, maximum of 5 days.

1 Day - $4,000

A superb dance of kindred souls together. A romantic detente. Intimate, yet leaving space for desiring much more.

Overnight - $3,000 Preceded by a luxuriant romantic dinner and perhaps dancing, an overnight rendezvous is always a sizzling and wonderful experience of nature.

Clock Free Dinner Date - $2,000 A time to relax and savor each other as well as the opportunity to share fine dining together. Love it!

4hr Dinner Date - $1500  A wonderfully seductive dinner date together.

Lunch Time Oasis - $1,200  For the super busy man who still desires quality fun. Lunch followed by relaxation if desired.

Cocktails - 2hrs. - $800 This is a new idea I have, if you're in a rush but would still appreciate a relaxing date!

50% deposit is required for all dates and I appreciate you contacting me as much possible in advance of our date. I'm passionately involved in several projects and it may well be difficult for me to break away. (I may be playing in the Albert Hall, for example. I wish!)

Gentlemen these are my suggestions for enjoying a wonderful time together. If you have other ideas please let me know - for example, yes a week in Hawaii at the Ritz would be wonderful! I'm open to suggestions.

What suits you? Let me know at KhloeKensington777@gmail.com.